Replace selections in 1Writer

1Writer is definitely the most versatile text editor for long form available for iPhone and I'm proud to be one of the first to spot this gem wandering the App Store. Last year I explained how to integrate 1Writer with TextTool, another outstanding app released last year to replace the selected text after transformation on the latter. Today we're going to dive deeper into 1Writer and its improved workflow to replace text using other apps.

Save articles from the web on Evernote from iOS

Evernote got a praised redesign to follow the iOS 7 guidelines. But one problem was yet to be fixed: saving pages from the web with your iOS device. Previously we hacked the web clipper, which worked fine on the iPad, but broken with the newer version of iOS. Today we’re going to build a bookmarklet to save web articles on Evernote from Safari.

Reminders for later with Launch Center Pro, GoodTask and Text Expander

In the earlier days of this blog, I wrote about using Text Expander to set tasks for upcoming days, pretty much like Mailbox but applicable to any app with due date support in their url schemes. We’re running the extra mile today and I'll re-introduce you to operations with dates in Text Expander and how to use them in a Launch Center Pro list to set your reminders in GoodTask.

Understanding URL Encoding

You know how chaining multiple actions can turn what was once a simple url on the Cthulhu of hyperlinks. My head twirls on the subject and I bet so do yours and as my actions became more and more complex over time, I realized it was time to take a step back and study how url encoding works across our actions and multiple apps.

1Password with Launch Center Pro's lists and prompt fallback

Most of the actions I post here end up with a permanent spot in my Launch Center Pro screen, however, there was one missing: related to 1Password. Searching via url scheme has been more enjoyable since in-app you have to scroll to the top to look for a new query. I speed things up adding my favorites to a Launch Center Pro list, with a [prompt] fallback so you can search for any term if unlisted.

Open Twitter/ profiles from Safari in your favorite client

You’re browsing Safari and find a Twitter profile that sparks your interest. You visit it and get a prompt to install the Twitter official app. You may have it, however, chances are that if you’re reading this, you use Tweetbot. You memorize the Twitter handle, open Tweetbot, tap search, type the user name and you’re finally there. What if we could build a bookmarklet for this?

Creating nice Markdown tables with Pythonista

There has been a lot of footnotes on the web lately and most of the times that wouldn't be viable without MultiMarkdown, an extended version of Markdown made by Fletcher Penney. One of the coolest things about MultiMarkdown is that it has a syntax to create tables, however, that's not as simple as you may think.

Loop your text through TextTool's transformations

I've seen a lot of actions using TextTool lately, Jeffrey Kishner seems to be a bigger fan of the app than myself. That's because it is an awesome application for whoever deals with text in a iOS device. Today we gonna pick our text from Drafts, send it to Launch Center Pro where we can select the transformation, then jump to TextTool and back to Drafts, where it loops. This means you can modify your text as many times you want, isn't that cool?

Sharing Prizmo OCR to Drafts, Cloudier and Dropbox

Last week I created a version from a great workflow to grab a picture with Prizmo and send the OCR text to your Mac with Command-C, all I did was allowing device selection. Today we're going to play with Prizmo again, this time sharing our OCR among our apps and, while we're there, learning how its url scheme works and a few tricks for encoding complex actions.

Compare text documents in your iPhone with Pythonista

If you have a Mac, you may have heard of Kaleidoscope, an amazing application to compare documents, folders, images, anything. It is certainly the cream of the crop in the category, which justifies its price tag. I wanted some sort of the functionality from Kaleidoscope in my iOS devices to compare my drafts before publishing here.