Keep walking, this watch is not for you

You're prone to notice plot holes in movies you dislike. A plot hole is something that doesn't make sense in the narrative, for example, how Indiana Jones survives the submarine trip through half the world in Raiders of Lost Ark. If you're enjoying a movie, unless these screw ups slap you in the face, you won't spot them. That's the magic on leading someone through a 2-hour experience. This is the bubble Apple burst in their latest keynote.

Don't miss a quote with Quotebook 3

We stumble upon citations and quotes all the time, it seems easier to expose our thoughts as someone else's words. It packs a respectful punch. Quotes are like gifs, whoever uses, does a lot and Quotebook is the perfect app for them. The 3.0 release is out as a free update and comes with the long-awaited iOS 7 design plus x-callback-url support.

FTP Client UI for Editorial

Alex Guyot has been working on this custom interface for Editorial for at least a couple of days and the result is great. It's a vastly featured FTP client that will definitely get you covered until Transmit for iOS comes.

URL schemes without x-callback-url

We cover plenty of x-callback-url here, but here and then I write about apps without it — and there are some great ones out there. Listing them all would be a lifework, so I'll show you my favorites URL schemes without x-callback-url and how to overcome it using Launch Center Pro.


It has been almost a month since the last post and for that I apologize. In this article I want to share some thoughts on the future of iOS automation and the role this blog will play in the upcoming weeks.

A Day to Update Python Scripts

I may want to figure out a better way to announce these, but two of my latest scripts received major updates today and I urge you to grab the newest versions. The first is from my previous article to log the movies you watch on Day One using IMDB and Pythonista to add film information. The other is my crop tool for Editorial to crop images and save to the Camera Roll.

Log movies in Day One using IMDB

I'm a film bachelor, so every time I can get away from my obligations for 2 hours or more, I'll be watching a movie. I had ratings for movies spread all over the internet. Criticker, IMDB, Letterboxd, Flixster, you name it, I've been there at some point. I decided to put Day One to good use and store my ratings within it.

Searching the App Store in Editorial

There are many workflows to search the App Store on Editorial, SearchLink, by Brett Terpstra, has been ported to the platform and allows you to search many other places as well. All I needed was really a good and flexible App Store search. At first, I built one without a custom UI to test if I could do it and was fairly easy since I based it on SearchLink's bit for iTunes. Then I decided to build an interface for it and things, as always, got tricky.

Use Nested Lists in Launch Center Pro 2.3 to Open Albums by Artist in Spotify and Ecoute for iOS

Jeffrey Kishner has this really nice use for Launch Center Pro new nested lists feature with Ecoute and Spotify.

When I tap on this action, it presents a list of artists (Eminem, Foo Fighters, Pharrell Williams, and "Search"). If I tap on either of the first two, I am presented with a list of albums, and when I tap on the album name, that album auto-plays in Ecoute. If I tap on Pharrell Williams, G I R L automatically plays because I only have one album by him in my library.

Also, the idea to keep your actions updated with a Dropbox text file is gold. I'm probably borrowing that soon.

Mapping photos with Pythonista 1.5

Dr. Drang finally unveils his script to map photos using Pythonista.

Running Map photo from Pythonista and choosing this photo from the image picker sends me to Maps with a pin right where the photo was taken.

I enjoy when people put Python into a casual use. This is a great example.